Wiley X

The American company Wiley X was founded in 1987. Wiley X is the leader in the field of ballistic, tactical and safety glasses and sunglasses for any task. The assortment of brand products includes products for the military, police, hunters, fishermen and athletes.

For the past 25 years, Wiley X safety glasses have been an indispensable element of the protective equipment of the US military and law enforcement agencies. A line of sunglasses that provide reliable protection became available to civilians in 1987. Wiley X combines innovative manufacturing technology, impeccable design and affordable prices. Lightweight, durable lenses made from unbreakable polycarbonate provide excellent protection and are able to withstand natural elements.

Wiley X glasses and sunglasses: suitable for any situation!

Wiley X Sunglasses and Safety Glasses

Whether you go fishing, hunting or just go to enjoy the fresh air, these glasses are suitable for any situation. All Wiley X glasses and sunglasses have a sleek, lightweight, tight-fitting design, and some models even come with a strap for a more secure fit. These glasses are available in male and female styles and are always ready for use. Industry-leading technology provides the best when it comes to things like automatic light adjustment and top-down ventilation so that your glasses do not fog up. Lovers of the classics can choose such neutral colors as black and gray, lovers of multi-colored lenses can buy stylish colored polarized lenses. You can also buy Wiley X safety frames at the lowest prices.

High-quality, shatterproof lenses have proven to be used in cases where eye protection is needed first. Now Wiley X glasses are available not only to the elite of the armed forces, but also to those who are engaged in hunting, fishing, and motorsports. Elegant design allows you to wear glasses in everyday life.

Wiley X specialists are closely following new trends in the field of military defense technologies, and use their knowledge and experience in the production and improvement of their products. Every day, the high-tech protection of Wiley X is getting better; with each new generation, tactical glasses become more reliable and more perfect.

Thanks to this approach, the company Wiley X became number one among military ammunition and a leader in the field of protective technologies. In addition to high reliability and quality, Wiley X engineers paid special attention to product design. Previously, reliable protection was cumbersome and served only the main function. But years of improvement have passed, and now you can get comfortable and stylish equipment that not only perfectly protects but also allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Distinctive features of Wiley X safety glasses

  • Products meet all standards regarding tactical glasses;
  • Products have solid construction;
  • Lenses are made from impact resistant raw materials;
  • Color correction in any degree of illumination is available when using lenses of different colors;
  • The ends of the glasses do not stretch and do not put pressure on the temples;
  • The range includes models with elastic, providing a tighter fit and better protection.

How to determine the size of Wiley X glasses and frames?

The choice of glasses is quite a difficult task, even if you have the opportunity to try on, look in the mirror or ask the opinion of those who are nearby. But if you order glasses online through an online store, the task becomes more complicated. How to behave in this situation? How to determine the size of the glasses so that they fit perfectly? In order for you to easily find the right glasses, Safety RX has created a special guide. Thanks to it, you will minimize the risk of not getting what you expected. This guarantees your satisfaction and joy from the purchase:

Head circumference, cm Size
54-55 S
56-57 M
58-59 L
60-62 XL


When choosing glasses, many people face the problem of determining the size. Let’s try to fix this situation. For this, we need a standard table of matching sizes of hats, where you can see the data in centimeters and their relationship with international dimensions. It remains to measure the circumference of the head slightly above the level of the eyebrows and compare the results with the table. Fine! Now you know which size to choose. So it will not be difficult for you to decide on the model of the size that suits you. Some glasses have a big difference in the size of M-L-XL. In this case, glasses of this size are universal and suitable for almost everyone. Most likely, they have regulated the length of the ends and the area of the nose.



To imagine the sizes of the lenses and frames, we indicated their dimensions. They are usually indicated in the brief description of the product. The first value is the size of the lens or its width. It is measured at the widest part of the lens horizontally. The second value is the distance between the lenses in the nose. The third value is the total length of the frame on the inside of the glasses. It is measured by the distance from one base of the turning mechanism of the ends to the other. You can see schematic pictures of the glasses below:


Climate controlled glasses

If the safety glasses have climate control insert – you need to take into account that the insert slightly reduces the internal size of the frame. Therefore, we indicate the distance from edge to edge of a removable climate control insert. The frame of the glasses is slightly wider. All other parameters are determined in the same way as on ordinary glasses.


Spectacles with dioptric insert

If the glasses have a diopter insert, the dimensions are indicated in accordance with its dimensions – the width and distance between the lenses. The first two parameters are specified for the insert itself. The third parameter corresponds to the internal width of the frame. That’s all! Now you know all about the size and are unlikely to go wrong when choosing Wiley X sunglasses or safety glasses for yourself or your loved ones.

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