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To see life one hundred percent means to live life one hundred percent! It is difficult to argue with this statement because a person receives more than 90% of the information with the help of sight. Our eyes allow us to enjoy the sunlight, bright colors, to see the faces of our loved ones. And the quality of our life depends on how well the visual apparatus works. According to statistics, in recent times there has been an increasing decrease in visual functions, and various diseases are “becoming younger”. Ophthalmologists associate this with many factors, but most often they consider it to be the constant reason for working with gadgets. Today, it is simply impossible to do without these benefits of civilization, despite the significant damage they cause to our body. Now there are not so many people who could boast of one hundred percent vision. Some of these problems occur at an early age, while others arise in a more mature age, but almost no one can avoid them. According to statistics, every second person visits the ophthalmologist’s office every year not for prophylaxis but with specific complaints.

Safety RX – Your Reliable Eye Care Assistant is a portal where you can learn everything about your eyes, vision, our ability to see and how to keep eye health for a long time. Our website contains a lot of useful information and fascinating facts. Glasses or lenses? How to work with a computer? How often you need to see an ophthalmologist? – the answers to these and other questions can be found on our online portal. You can check the quality of your vision with the help of special techniques and perform exercises for the eyes that will allow you to prevent vision disorders. We will also help you find an optics salon or a store where you can pick up cheap and stylish prescription safety glasses or contact lenses online.

This information will be useful to both adults and children because timely care will help prevent vision deterioration in the future. We provide you with access to the latest information on eye care. Learn more about your vision right now!

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