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Eyeglasses are a very modern and stylish accessory that emphasizes the seriousness and elegance of the image. Before buying glasses, you need to know how to choose the perfect frames, which should be in harmony with the skin type, with the face, and with the color of the eyes. It is necessary to ensure that the glasses merge with the general image but not look like a surrounding extravagant spot on the face. Safety RX has developed a few general tips that will help you choose exactly the frames that will become a real decoration for your face.

Six factors to choosing eyeglass frames

  • Rx. Before you buy glasses, you need to check your eyesight with an ophthalmologist. He will write out an individual prescription, which is necessary for your eye safety;
  • Lenses. They should be chosen according to the RX and type of frame;
  • The size. The correct size of glasses is a guarantee of their comfortable wearing. As a rule, there is a marking on the inside of the handle that will help you to get your bearings when buying an accessory;
  • Material. It is also necessary to pay attention to what the frame is made of. High-quality glasses are usually made of durable plastic or titanium;
  • Colour. This criterion is very individual – it is worth choosing the color of the frame according to the style and taste. The most popular versions are the black and brown variations;
  • Frame shape. Before buying frames, you must also take into account the features of your own appearance. A win-win is the selection of frames for the type of person.

How to choose the best frames for your face shape?

All people have different shape of the face and it should determine the shape of the glasses. The frame should not repeat the shape of your face: it should contrast with it. Safety RX gives several recommendations on how to choose the right frames for your face shape.

Oval face shape

The frame of the glasses should coincide with the widest part of your cute oval face or be slightly wider than it. Take care of yourself: there are no other restrictions when choosing a frame for you.

Diamond face shape

If you have a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, a thin chin, glasses will help you to brighten up the disproportion of the diamond-shaped face. Pay attention to oval glasses with their top line slightly lengthened.

Round face shape

If your face has the same parameters in height and width, the frame should be elongated, narrow and have pointed external corners. You can choose a nice frame of a rectangular shape, which also successfully corrects the flaws of a round face.

Triangular face shape with base up

If the face is too narrowed down, has a wide forehead, round cheekbones, you will have to give up massive frames. Choose a light, rounded variation without a rim with a wide lower part.

Triangular face shape with base down

If you have a narrow forehead but round cheekbones and a rather massive chin, the proportionality of your face can be emphasized by glasses with a half-rimmed frame without the bottom. Wide arms, decorated upper part, butterfly shape – all this will be an ideal option for your face.

Square face

If the upper part of the face is proportional and the lower part is massive, choose a frame with soft, rounded lines. Fashionable “cat’s eye” frame will be an excellent option for your face.

Long face

If you have a narrow, elongated face, glasses will help give it a volume. Choose a rectangular frame with massive ends. “Butterfly” frames have become fashionable, they can visually expand the face with their raised outer corners and decor on the ends. Refuse square rims.

Do not forget that each rule has its own exceptions, and therefore, in any case, when choosing a frame you should have three advisors: a mirror, a close person and a sales assistant.

How to choose the best frames for your eye color?

You also need to know how to choose the frame depending on the color of your eyes, because the color scheme is also involved in creating a stylish look. If the glasses look harmonious with your oval face but the color does not suit your eyes at all, consider that the purchase is bad.

  • Green-eyed beauties are recommended to choose frames of green, orange and burgundy (dark red with a violet shade) colors;
  • Brown-eyed should choose lilac, tortoise (black and red), red or coffee frames;
  • Owners of walnut eyes can pay attention to the emerald color;
  • Gray and blue eyes will be in harmony with the frame of brown, dark blue, steel color.

If you take into account these tips for choosing a frame, you will be surprised at how beautiful and stylish the glasses will look on your face.

How to choose the best frames for your skin tone?

To make the image completely harmonious, it will not be superfluous to know what color of the frame will perfectly harmonize with your skin type:

  • Dark skin: select frames in warm colors: red, tortoise, copper, coral, cream, peach, golden, honey, orange, khaki, beige.
  • Pale skin: pay attention to cold colors: white, amethyst, steel, purple, pale pink, gray, blue, plum, silver, jade, anthracite.
  • To revitalize the withering skin, older people should choose red and purple shades.

Only taking into account all these recommendations, you can hope that the glasses will become not an inferiority complex but a stylish and desirable accessory that emphasizes your individuality.

How to choose the right frames: 5 universal rules

Finally, there are several universal rules on how to choose a frame for everyone, regardless of the shape of the face, eye color, and skin type.

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHEN CHOOSING GLASSES IS A CORRECT FRAME SIZE. The upper part of the frame should not rise above the eyebrows, and the lower part should not touch the cheeks;
  2. The frame should not be cramped, otherwise, the pad bridge will press on the nose and leave traces on it. The too wide rim will lead to the fact that the glasses will constantly fall off the nose;
  3. The ends should not put pressure on the temples, otherwise wearing glasses will be accompanied by a headache;
  4. You’d better get a pair of glasses: this will allow you to change the image and you will have a backup option if some glasses break or are lost;
  5. Before buying the frames, carefully inspect it so that it has no deformation, cracks and scratches. Choose brands that have a good reputation in the market.

If an ophthalmologist has prescribed glasses for you, you should not make complexes about this, because they often become the accessory that favorably emphasizes the beauty of the face and becomes the perfect complement to the image. The main thing is to know the basic rules on how to choose frames and follow fashion trends. Good luck!

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